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Beach Sailing

Fascinating gliding across the endless beach

The sandy, kilometer-broad Sotavento beach and tidal-dependent dry lagoon areas provide ideal conditions for an exclusive experience with a difference!

To experience the unique nature and unique atmosphere of one of the best beaches in Europe on 3 wheels, propelled silently by a sail, is a welcome change for water sports enthusiasts: under the guidance of our experienced beach sailing instructors, anyone without previous experience can have a go throughout the year.

Great fun guaranteed!

We offer you both one-day introductory courses as well as 2-day basic courses. After a full primary course you have also the option to rent a beach sailer rig at especially favorable prices, to ride around the safe area of the site freely with a qualified sailing instructor.

The starting point of the new René Egli Windsurfing Centre is situated at the foot of the Hotel Melia Gorriones Fuerteventura. After a short briefing on safety, avoidance rules and yachting technology, it´s off to the secured section of beach. There, you´ll train on a prepared practice course under the guidance of expert instructors, learning the first important maneuvers (luff turns, necking, braking into the wind and parking) and, in due course, cruising against crosswind and cornering with the wind around a square course. Our sailing instructors will explain more to you during short briefing theory breaks in between practice, such as the possible courses in a given wind and physical considerations of the sails, with practical demonstrations on course. At the end of the first 2-hour session you´ll learn to unrig and securely park the sailer, which concludes the one-day introductory course.

If you book the 2-day basic course, you´ll assemble your vehicle yourself on the 2nd day and sail around the marcated safe area of the beach. There, you´ll build upon the previous day´s exercises with stops and start practices, races on the square and other safety exercises. The sailing skills you´ve learned are then evaluated by sight and, if necessary, corrected. Under ideal conditions, there´s a safety briefing on threats and prohibited areas and correct behaviour in the surrounding natural environment, and then it´s off onto the infinite Playa Sotavento. The duration of the second unit is also about 2 hours. 

The beach sailing courses are held depending on wind and tides.

Prices Beach Sailing (from age 8)DurationPre-booking prices Prices on site
Introductory course2h 55 € 65 €
Basic course2 x 2h 100 € 120 €
Rental within a secured area1h  30 €
Prerequisite: sturdy shoes / helmet and gloves are included
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